American politicians may have done their best to try and kill Obamacare, and while the fate of 11 million Americans health care coverage may be tested once again after the 2016 U.S. election, one thing is becoming clearly unstoppable – there is an inevitable move afoot towards outsourced health diagnosis and self-care. Service industries, such as the […]


Disruptive Technology: a new technology that unexpectedly displaces an established technology. When talking about technology, disruptive technology in particular, investors often look for a tenfold change in productivity or costs. While those kinds of gains have been appearing in the software industry for sometime now, improvements in large-scale material goods have proven more difficult – […]

Will Peak Jobs be the same as Peak Oil?

About 10 years ago there was a popular theory floating around that the world had hit peak oil production. According to the logic, we had discovered all the oil that was discoverable, and due to the demographics of the Third World rapidly industrializing, oil prices had nowhere to go but up – forever But that’s […]

Improving Your Mental Powers

I took a really good break about a few weeks ago and spent some time on the beach in Jamaica. The financial business is a stressful one as there are 101 things to do every day with a people counting on you to get it all right. The downtime was great and one of the […]

We Have Seen Big Brother (and he will be us)

Face recognition is one  technology that is going to have major privacy ramifications in the future.  It is wise for everyone to have an understanding as to where this is heading so that they can protect themselves today through proper Privacy Settings on services they use on the Internet. This will play out with the […]

Buckle up, It’s Going to Be an Interesting Ride

Those are the closing words in a fascinating new movie sponsored by Ericsson. If you want a really good understanding of where things are going and how fast we’re getting there, I’d highly recommend you invest 20 minutes of your time. In the old days (which many of us still live in) people used to […]

Something you cannot afford to miss

This is a quick post about how the world is changing but also about how people seem to rely on old ways of responding to technological change. It is strange but people seem to deal with technology just like they do equity investments. The majority wait until whatever they want is utilized (or owned in […]