Perhaps you’re sitting at home, worried about how the next few months will turn out.  Maybe you’ve been deemed an essential service worker (or are even one of today’s heroes, running around with a crazy first responder type job).  In all situations, it’s easy to be devoured by the news and pressures of the day […]


We’re entering the age of customized medicine and health which is tailored individually to us – not people ‘like’ us. For decades we’ve been subject to recommendations from health professionals suggesting things like people with certain blood types should eat certain foods.  People with certain heretical backgrounds are in greater danger than others due to […]


Here’s some practical advice that some of our team members have practiced over the years.   It is even more practical and important today than ever.  There are simple breathing techniques, which if done with some regularity have been proven to improve… Improve your lung function, lung size and strength. Energy levels.  Calmness.  Quality of […]

The Inevitable March Towards Outsourced Self-Care

American politicians may have done their best to try and kill Obamacare, and while the fate of 11 million Americans health care coverage may be tested once again after the 2016 U.S. election, one thing is becoming clearly unstoppable – there is an inevitable move afoot towards outsourced health diagnosis and self-care. Service industries, such as the […]

How the Google Pill Will Usher in Proactive Health

As we’ve been talking about on this blog for the last few years, health care is about to take a massive leap forward into its proactive future.  Here is a great example. Google recently announced they’re working on a game changing nano health pill.  Its invisible nano particles will float around in your body, then […]

Genetics Testing, the Canadian Life and Health Association’s Decision and Your Kids

The Canadian Life and Health Association recently reiterated it’s existing guidelines with regards to sharing information on any genetic testing you may have had done. The move shows just how important genetic testing is going to be to the future of medicine and health in general. More specifically, it highlights why you need to be talking […]

Governments are getting hungrier

Back in the days just after the Soviet Union broke up and move towards capitalism, their tax collectors were said to collect with machine guns in hand. Hopefully that is not the case today given the amount of oil revenue coming into Russia, but it is safe to say that as the world continues to […]

Are the food giants killing their own customers?

Here is a great book to read. My blog title seemed like an absurd statement until I got into reading Salt, Sugar, Fat. I’m typically not one to blindly buy into conspiracy theories or idly place blame. So right up front in this blog piece I’ll answer my own question. No, the food giants are […]

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The Coming Canadian Debt Calamity?

You may be in for a shock over the next few years as the well-meaning though overly generous Federal and Provincial government spending and policies come home to roost.   Canadians are borrowing money at a record rate bringing with it rapid inflation.  We a...

Schneider Insurance Update

It’s been a month since our last update and things have not improved.  I’m not talking about the markets (they’re up), but rather the Coronavirus and its ramifications on society and the global economy.  A few days ago, the IMF conf...