Improving Your Mental Powers

I took a really good break about a few weeks ago and spent some time on the beach in Jamaica. The financial business is a stressful one as there are 101 things to do every day with a people counting on you to get it all right.

The downtime was great and one of the things I noticed was after a solid week without the e-mails, phone calls and client visits to the brain started to slow down – and with it came clarity of thought. If only we could do something daily that would produce the same results.

It’s amazing how we routinely forget to do the common sense things that keep us happy and healthy. It’s as if in this hyper charged world somehow makes us numb to everything. That numbness, likely caused by the overwhelming amount of things coming at us daily,  combined with age, takes its toll on our capabilities little by little.

So holidays are an essential part of renewal but unfortunately, we can’t take holidays every month. However, over last few years it’s become apparent that we can practice the skills that improve our mind and thinking.  Doing so will actually make us smarter, live longer and wiser.

Neuroscientists used to believe that we were given a certain amount of ‘smarts’ that were relatively fixed. Not so according to the last few years of research. Today, some of the world’s leading brain scientists are able to routinely demonstrate how you can increase your attention, improve your memory along with a whole host of other skills that will help you solve problems faster and recall things easier.

Do you need a degree in neuro science to understand how to do so? Not really. Apparently playing specifically designed games for 15 minutes a day can increase your overall capabilities by a whopping 80%! That’s not some marketing jargon but is based on scientifically proven studies from some worlds best researchers.

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Mark Schneider
Mark Schneider is one of Canada's leading Chartered Financial Planners. For over 30 years he has helped hundreds of regular Canadian families grow small fortunes through consistent planning and wise advice. He holds the following designations: CFP, CLU, CHFC, CFSB