Perhaps you’re sitting at home, worried about how the next few months will turn out.  Maybe you’ve been deemed an essential service worker (or are even one of today’s heroes, running around with a crazy first responder type job).  In all situations, it’s easy to be devoured by the news and pressures of the day […]


We’re entering the age of customized medicine and health which is tailored individually to us – not people ‘like’ us. For decades we’ve been subject to recommendations from health professionals suggesting things like people with certain blood types should eat certain foods.  People with certain heretical backgrounds are in greater danger than others due to […]


Here’s some practical advice that some of our team members have practiced over the years.   It is even more practical and important today than ever.  There are simple breathing techniques, which if done with some regularity have been proven to improve… Improve your lung function, lung size and strength. Energy levels.  Calmness.  Quality of […]

The Data Industries Tipping Point

Like a crisp fall evening where the chill in the air instinctively tells you the season is about to change, the data industry feels like it has just hit its tipping point. And despite the odorous smell coming from Facebook and it’s questionable ties to Cambridge Analytica, and the manipulation of the American election, this […]

The Inevitable March Towards Outsourced Self-Care

American politicians may have done their best to try and kill Obamacare, and while the fate of 11 million Americans health care coverage may be tested once again after the 2016 U.S. election, one thing is becoming clearly unstoppable – there is an inevitable move afoot towards outsourced health diagnosis and self-care. Service industries, such as the […]

3d Printed Houses Coming to a Lake Near You

Disruptive Technology: a new technology that unexpectedly displaces an established technology. When talking about technology, disruptive technology in particular, investors often look for a tenfold change in productivity or costs. While those kinds of gains have been appearing in the software industry for sometime now, improvements in large-scale material goods have proven more difficult – […]

Will Peak Jobs be the same as Peak Oil?

About 10 years ago there was a popular theory floating around that the world had hit peak oil production. According to the logic, we had discovered all the oil that was discoverable, and due to the demographics of the Third World rapidly industrializing, oil prices had nowhere to go but up – forever But that’s […]