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This is a quick post about how the world is changing but also about how people seem to rely on old ways of responding to technological change.

It is strange but people seem to deal with technology just like they do equity investments. The majority wait until whatever they want is utilized (or owned in the case of investments) by pretty well everyone – then they jump in. I think subconsciously people are afraid of making mistakes – particularly ones others can see and chastise them over. So it is psychologically easier for people to just wait and see what everyone else is doing and do the same thing. Typically this approach is to their detriment.

So with this in mind, let’s take a look at one area that this is happening in and what you can do to take advantage of it now. It is an area that you cannot afford to miss..

Tablet computing is changing the world dramatically. In the next three years the speed of tablets will increase over 10 fold! The change in being able to touch a computer vs having to use a keyboard and mouse so fundamentally changes the computing paradigm that a 3 year old ( or a 90 year old) can use it straight out of the box. When you understand how to use one, you become exponentially more capable, educated and valuable to whoever you work for.

In the few short years touch technology has been around, it has completely changed both industry and those using them. In the cellphone world, it has rendered giants like RIM, who make the Blackberry, almost obsolete.

So what the majority of people doing today? You guessed it. They are waiting. Just like waiting with regards to buying equity investments, it is going to cost them in the long-term.

So what are the best investment you can make today well you can invest in an android tablet for as little as $79 that will give you incredible capabilities. The advantages both in your lifestyle and capabilities you can pick up over the next couple of years can propel a career beyond where you’d imagine!

Invest in technology and learning regularly and you will find that life becomes richer, both literally and figuratively.

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