Benefits Arising from Education Have a Cost

Generally speaking, the more educated a country’s population, the higher the level of productive output and ultimately the more beneficial the outcome to the country as an economic engine. In Canada, education comes with an ever-increasing price-tag. The average tuition fee for undergraduate programs in Canada reached $5,772 for the 2013-2014 school year — a […]

Teach Your Children

“You who are on the road Must have a code That you can live by” Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young   If you talk to many parents about today’s youth and you’ll quickly hear about the culture of entitlement that exists amongst teenage kids of well off families. This is no imaginary problem. Some would […]

Education – Now Free and About to be Flipped

There’s been a very interesting trend appear within the secondary educational marketplace over the last year – it’s becoming free. It also looks like it’s about to be flipped (on its head) as the existing monopolies that today run higher education either cooperate or are pushed aside. For the history of the world, higher education […]

Studying Abroad is Cheaper than you’d Think

It’s funny how once things get positioned in your mind one way and are hard to change. Talk to an older person and chances are they’ll still say that calling long distance is expensive. Things change of course and post secondary education has changed as well – for the better.   Attending University overseas used […]

Don’t Aim For Yesterday!

One of the most dangerous but typically difficult to avoid things is setting your sights on yesterdays high water marks. Whether it’s investing or planning a career, the common but dangerous thing to do is to look at what worked in the past and aim for the same target in the future. This tendency commonly […]

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The Coming Canadian Debt Calamity?

You may be in for a shock over the next few years as the well-meaning though overly generous Federal and Provincial government spending and policies come home to roost.   Canadians are borrowing money at a record rate bringing with it rapid inflation.  We a...


Here’s how driving factors into insurance underwriting. Cassie Schneider Thanks to a clampdown on drunk driving, more use of seatbelts, and cars equipped with airbags and the technology to help avoid accidents, the number of deaths due to motor vehicle a...


We are Canadian. And so we think of things in Canadian terms.   Even in this upside-down year with hockey season being played at the height of the summer. Some of us (like Mark) like to use hockey analogies. And the timeline of a hockey game is actually a...