Here’s some practical advice that some of our team members have practiced over the years.   It is even more practical and important today than ever. 

There are simple breathing techniques, which if done with some regularity have been proven to improve…

  1. Improve your lung function, lung size and strength.
  2. Energy levels. 
  3. Calmness. 
  4. Quality of sleep
  5. And overall health. 

These types of exercises have been used with asthmatics for decades. What most people do not know is that they’re available with a simple $5  iPhone or Android app.  It’s the most popular breathing app in the world.

As breathing exercises can dramatically improve one’s lung function it would seem that now would be the time to get proactive about what one can do in order that you’re as healthy as possible if you are exposed to the Coronavirus.

The beauty of the application is that anyone can do it as you can adjust the setting to your own level and then change it up as your breath improves – which it will. 

With 10 minutes a day of daily practice, over the course of a week you’ll notice a difference by the end of the first week. 

We’ve had experience with this application. We highly recommend it.

TIPS:  Try it lying down, not sitting up. It’s easier and more relaxing.  Put a pillow under your head. 

Do not overdo it.  10 minutes a day is fine.

Above all, DO NOT DO IT IF YOU ARE SICK OR AROUND SOMEONE WHO IS.  As you risk driving infection deeper into your lungs.

All health-related products come with a standard Use At Your Own Risk/Talk to Your Doctor disclaimer which you should be aware of. We’re not giving health advice here, just saying what has worked for us. That said, this has proven to be an exceptionally practical and particularly timely option to improve respiratory health for those of us thinking about what we can do to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus.

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