It was this ugly headline on the BBC that got me thinking we should be talking about what you can do for local security.

Car theft has become rampant in Canada and while we could talk for some time about the disgrace Canadian Port Security has become that facilitates this, I’d prefer to focus on what you can do proactively to make sure your vehicle is not the next one on a boat to Ghana.


How is this possible?


There is something called a Relay Attack, in which thieves capture the tiny signal your car keys give off simply by standing outside your house with a cheap device you can buy on the internet.





This is the $30 Faraday box I use.  These products are designed to block signals from car key fobs, preventing thieves from using relay attacks to gain unauthorized access to vehicles.


You put your keys in it at night and it blocks the signal transmission so thieves can’t capture it.


This has become a major problem and it’s obviously forcing everyone’s premiums up dramatically. Irrespective of the annoyingly high premiums. I just don’t want my vehicles stolen.


You can get your

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