It’s funny how once things get positioned in your mind one way and are hard to change. Talk to an older person and chances are they’ll still say that calling long distance is expensive.

Things change of course and post secondary education has changed as well – for the better.   Attending University overseas used to be exclusively for the uber rich – not anymore.

It’s not for everyone of course, but for the right student who was planning in heading off to school anyway, consider this scenario.

You’re planning to attend University for the first time. You have a career path planned but you would rather spend a year or two travelling before you start.

Or more likely your Counselor has advised you to “experiment” with your courses to find what you like the most.  Maybe its just that you are unsure of your future and would like to spend time abroad first before you commit.

Time to check out your university’s Bilateral or ISEP programs!

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Study Abroad 

Bilateral programs tend to have no application fee’s and tuition’s are usually paid to the “Home” University. Housing costs abroad are paid by the student as are meal costs.

Scholarships are available for those who qualify.

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ISEP programs usually attract an application fee (about $400.00) and tuition fee’s are paid to the “Home” University. Housing and meal costs are paid to the “Home” University in advance.

Scholarships are available for those who qualify.

The world is getting smaller and education opportunities are getting larger. If the price is similar to staying at home to go to College or University outside of Canada then there is really no choice at all!

Students who spend time studying overseas tend to be more knowledgeable of world affairs, have a larger peer group and one that is international and will have more opportunities to create a lifestyle that suits there abilities and temperaments. Regardless of the age they begin.

For more information you should check your local Universities “Study Abroad Centre” usually located in the International Building.

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