Wondering why the market has are becoming more volatile as of late?  Simply put, the U. S government has been borrowing too much money for the bond market to absorb over the last year.   That’s despite very strong corporate profitability, a good economy and the tax revenues that come along with it.   Gone are […]


Life insurance is a valuable asset for charitable giving because it allows a donor to make a charitable bequest without depleting the donor’s estate assets. It also provides the opportunity to magnify the size of a charitable gift. Listen to the Article All too often, we tend to think of charitable giving with life [...]


Pension income splitting is a tax savings strategy designed to lower a couple’s overall family tax bill, leaving more disposable income. When filing their annual income tax returns, a couple can jointly elect to shift up to one-half of eligible pension income from the spouse in a higher tax bracket to the spouse in a […]

Dividend Taxation

The system in place to tax Canadian dividend income is designed to achieve “integration.” The intent of integration is to ensure that the combined total personal and corporate tax imposed on different types of income received directly or from a corporation is roughly equal. In other words, integration tries to ensure that there is no […]

Tax Return Filing Tips for 2014

Filing a tax return isn’t always an easy task. Taxpayers want to ensure they claim every deduction and credit to which they are entitled. This means spending time under- standing the opportunities. Reporting income is simplified for many types of income because T-slips are issued to the taxpayer. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is quick […]

Changes Underway for Donations

The generosity of Canadians is evidenced by the $8.3 billion of charitable donations made by over five million people in 2012. The reasons are many. Some individuals have a strong desire to share their wealth during their lifetime. Others are reliant on their wealth to fund their retirement, but value the opportunity to share when […]

Medical Tax Savings

The medical expense tax credit provides financial relief for individuals who have incurred significant medical expenses for themselves and/or certain of their dependants. This tax credit is a non-refundable credit that reduces an individual’s income tax liability. The formula for the medical credit is comprised of two components: Part one: Medical expenses in respect of […]

Undoing What’s Been Done

The term rectification comes from the word “rectify,” which has its roots in Medieval Latin and means “make right.” Rectification is used by parties to a contract to modify the contract if there has been an obvious mistake that was not intended or the meeting of the minds was improperly documented. The courts have used […]

Changing Circumstances

Many times a property is bought for one use, but the owner may later decide to put it to another use. This is often the case with a house: as the family’s circumstances change, the use of the home may also change. For example, a family home may be rented out during a long-distance work […]

Beneficiary Beware

Every taxpayer is responsible for paying his own income tax liability when it is due. To the surprise of many, there are situations when the Canada Revenue Agency has the right to utilize an alternative remedy if individuals or their representatives fail to comply. Even more shocking for some is that individuals named as beneficiaries […]

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