Interest Expense

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recently released an updated folio publication on the topic of interest deductibility. This is part of the CRA’s new Income Tax Folio series, which is designed to provide details of their current administrative practices and is targeted at the professional tax community. Folio S3-F6-C1, released in 2015, sets out the […]

Joint Tenancy Can Add Complications

Distribution of an individual’s estate can take many forms. Assets can be gifted before death or distributed after death. Specific assets can be directed to specific heirs or the residue of the estate could be divided among a group of heirs. Methods for achieving these distributions can vary. A common estate planning strategy in Canadian […]

A Charitable Gift: Differing Tax Outcomes Can Affect the Plan

Charitable gift planning should involve the careful consideration of all aspects of making a large gift to charity. Some of the elements to be considered include the exact nature of the gift (i.e., cash versus a specific asset), the timing of the gift (i.e., all at once or in installments), whether the gift is inter […]

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We Celebrate Savers

At M.A. Schneider Insurance, we believe the saver deserves to be celebrated.

After all, it’s the saver that is conscientious every day to gradually create wealth for all.

That habit not only creates security for them but for their families and for the community as a whole.

We think they sometimes lose sight of how important they are.

This blog is here to help them. To help inspire them to stay the course and ultimately lead the great lives that they deserve.

Here’s What to Expect

1. Insight we gather about what’s going on that may affect the long-term quality of your life…

While there is a lot on the Internet, we know that making the best decisions for your life is often based on knowing just what your options are.

2. We hope that understanding what’s going on will help with perspective on what you can do.

3. New innovation and resources you can seek out.

This blog will offer an insight into the future because whether we like it or not, we’re going there. We’ll do the research to find the innovations that you should know about.