Interest Expense

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recently released an updated folio publication on the topic of interest deductibility. This is part of the CRA’s new Income Tax Folio series, which is designed to provide details of their current administrative practices and is targeted at the professional tax community. Folio S3-F6-C1, released in 2015, sets out the […]

Joint Tenancy Can Add Complications

Distribution of an individual’s estate can take many forms. Assets can be gifted before death or distributed after death. Specific assets can be directed to specific heirs or the residue of the estate could be divided among a group of heirs. Methods for achieving these distributions can vary. A common estate planning strategy in Canadian […]

A Charitable Gift: Differing Tax Outcomes Can Affect the Plan

Charitable gift planning should involve the careful consideration of all aspects of making a large gift to charity. Some of the elements to be considered include the exact nature of the gift (i.e., cash versus a specific asset), the timing of the gift (i.e., all at once or in installments), whether the gift is inter […]

The Inevitable March Towards Outsourced Self-Care

American politicians may have done their best to try and kill Obamacare, and while the fate of 11 million Americans health care coverage may be tested once again after the 2016 U.S. election, one thing is becoming clearly unstoppable – there is an inevitable move afoot towards outsourced health diagnosis and self-care. Service industries, such as the […]

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The Coming Canadian Debt Calamity?

You may be in for a shock over the next few years as the well-meaning though overly generous Federal and Provincial government spending and policies come home to roost.   Canadians are borrowing money at a record rate bringing with it rapid inflation.  We a...


Here’s how driving factors into insurance underwriting. Cassie Schneider Thanks to a clampdown on drunk driving, more use of seatbelts, and cars equipped with airbags and the technology to help avoid accidents, the number of deaths due to motor vehicle a...


We are Canadian. And so we think of things in Canadian terms.   Even in this upside-down year with hockey season being played at the height of the summer. Some of us (like Mark) like to use hockey analogies. And the timeline of a hockey game is actually a...