Are the food giants killing their own customers?

Here is a great book to read.

My blog title seemed like an absurd statement until I got into reading Salt, Sugar, Fat. I’m typically not one to blindly buy into conspiracy theories or idly place blame. So right up front in this blog piece I’ll answer my own question. No, the food giants are not killing their own customers, we are doing it to ourselves (with their help).

I’d always thought that I ate quite healthily. Typically breakfast includes some cereal, I have a reasonable lunch and dinner and drink very moderately. So it makes sense with modern healthcare that I should be able to outlive the 100 years my grandmother made it to, right?

Well  not according to book and this 20 minute Marketplace documentary.

So why are we writing about this?  As we love our client’s, we’d like to see them live longer healthier lives.  And to put action behind words we’re giving away copies of Salt, Sugar, Fat to any client who would like one.  If you’re a client, fill in the form below and we’ll send you a link to get your free (Paperback, Kindle or CD) version.

I’ll leave you with this…

An old British saying from the military was that “the officers looked down upon the enlisted men.” I always thought that it meant that for some reason officers felt that they were better then the common soldier. It turns out that this is not the case.

100 years ago the officers really did look down on enlisted man because the average soldier came from a poor household who likely had not had the proper nutrition needed to grow physically during their upbringing. Thus the officers, who all came from wealthy educated families, were considerably taller than the enlisted men and thus literally looked down upon them.

Every generation has its nutritional challenges. 100 years ago it was getting enough. Today it is getting enough nutrition without the additives that lead to obesity and high blood pressure while robbing us of energy we need to lead the lives we want to.

Stay healthy and take care of each other.

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Mark Schneider
Mark Schneider is one of Canada's leading Chartered Financial Planners. For over 30 years he has helped hundreds of regular Canadian families grow small fortunes through consistent planning and wise advice. He holds the following designations: CFP, CLU, CHFC, CFSB

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