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We’ve had lots of comments on our various different blog pieces but one of the ones we get comments on the most is How Local Health Care Will Go Global within Five Years. Various different clients have commented to me both in person and online how they’d like to know more about how this will play out. I guess health is important people – who would’ve guessed?

In that blog, we detailed how personal portable medical technology is leapfrogging some of the technology available in clinics today. Due to surgical wait times for surgery, it is likely to become a very viable option for the general public as we get older.

In this blog we’re going over a personal medical tool kit of the future.  These are the thermometers of the future.  They are tools that may help improve your life- perhaps even save it.  You’ll be surprised to find out that some of them are even available today!  As for the rest, just wait a few months.

So just what does your Personal Medical  Kit include?

Firstly, a DNA kit.   It will allow you to map your own DNA. Doing so will give you the raw material for what type of health issues you are likely to hit.  It will also show things like where you really come from and what type of drug reactions and interactions will occur.

DNA is kind of like the source code of your body. Once you have it decoded, you can then pass that information to a qualified medical professional that can recommend proactive solutions.

Why is this important? Understanding your DNA might tell you that between 62-68 you are at a 300% increased chance of a heart attack. It would also help a health professional prescribe the most appropriate statins available. Because you have a genetic map you now can pinpoint the best drug delivery methods available. Doing so may well reduce your risk right back down to the average.

Considering that you can have this done today for only $199, this is a wise investment that will help you well on your way to proactively managing your health.

A Tricorder skin analyzer will give you wireless diagnostic information about everything on the outside of your body from rashes to skin cancer. Should you be worried about that mole? What about your daughter’s red spots? Is it Rosatia which will likely dissipate quickly or something more serious you should be going to a hospital about?

A skin patch sensor is your real time interface. It is much like a band aid with tiny little hair like sensors on it. The patch beams real-time data on you wirelessly to a local applications or secure ones on the internet. Think of it like your cars monitoring system. It can alert you automatically when blood sugar levels are low, sodium intake is to high, heart rate is just a little different from a healthy pattern.

A body fluids scanner will give you information on everything from diabetic risk and blood alcohol levels to sexually transmitted diseases and more. Chemicals that appear in your saliva when run through the right algorithms can tell you about the need to take a mammogram or prostrate test years before your doctor might suggest one – not to mention to wait an hour before getting behind the wheel.

An internal scanner is the final option. Due to cost it is likely something you may want to rent for the short term. Think of an ultrasound pen that connects to your system which produces 3d images of your organs and skelatol system. While the pictures may not mean a whole lot to the untrained eye, the ability to have a certified specialist from India review your concerns in real-time opens up a whole new avenue to healthcare.

And you don’t  need a Super Computer to run all of this.  The coordination center is your smart phone or tablet computer. It provides the interface, analysis and recommendations needed.  With your permission it will also send the data to whoever you are working with so you both can make qualified decisions as to what to do. That’s right.  The phone is what analyses the data and transmits it securely to your medical partners – whether they’re in Kamloops, Vancouver or Bombay.

Healthcare is about to get both personal and proactive through a combination of increasingly cost effective medical technologies. You can order on eBay or directly from the manufacturers.

Together these technologies, all of which have or are just emerging, will revolutionize personal healthcare. They are about to become your personal medical  toolkit for a better life.


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