I’ve had a few clients ask about retirement lately.   Not theirs, but mine.


It got me to thinking. Perhaps other clients were wondering if or when I was going to retire?


So, I thought I’d address the issue head-on, along with our approach and plans here at Schneider Insurance.


Our success is fundamentally based on a team approach.   For each client file,  multiple team members update, review and make recommendations on a regular basis.


Over the years our children have joined the firm.  They now have almost 20 years of combined experience.


Sean has brought a degree in Economics/Political Science and Cass a degree in Business Administration to the firm. Both are working adding diplomas as certified financial planners (CFP) to their already significant capabilities.


And this month marks Simone’s 20th anniversary with us.  As a licensed advisor, she has been my executive assistant for most of this period.


In addition, and from time to time, we add in specialists and outside associates.  People like Bailey, Ian, John and Jonathan bring unique and specialized skills to our practice and processes.


We believe we’ve built one of the best teams in the industry.  An inter-generational firm that will carry on no matter what the future may bring.


It’s an approach that has provided outstanding results for decades now.   We’ve been very fortunate in being able to help hundreds upon hundreds of Kamloops families build substantial sums of wealth.  Money that they can use for their ideal retirements and thereafter pass along to future generations.


We believe we’ve done a good job.  And our clients must as well, as they continue to refer others to our practice each and every month.  We’re appreciative of the fact that our business continues to thrive, even through a once in a 100-year pandemic.


Along the way, we’ve also been careful to practice what we preach. We don’t just do planning for others. Long ago Nancy and I reached a point that we could really do anything we wanted for the rest of our lives. So ideally, what would that look like?


After an internal planning discussion of our own, we decided that an ideal retirement meant doing exactly what you love.  And we love helping people generate wealth.  So, why not just continue doing what you love?


So that’s the plan.  We’re going to continue working, slowly building the firm long into the future, while taking periodic breaks to refresh and recharge.


For me, working in a day-to-day practice means constant research,  learning, and interacting with different partners – many of whom are world-class themselves.   It’s exciting.  It gives us purpose.


Work elicits servant leadership, community assistance, and relevance.   It’s a trifecta of being able to help people, learn and grow personally, all while building a legacy.


We’ll let you know of anything to change.



About The Author

Mark Schneider
Mark Schneider is one of Canada's leading Chartered Financial Planners. For over 30 years he has helped hundreds of regular Canadian families grow small fortunes through consistent planning and wise advice. He holds the following designations: CFP, CLU, CHFC, CFSB