What a mess the world looks to be in.   Between threats of nuclear war, the worst pandemic in 100 years, food shortages, climate disruption and now massive inflation, it’d be easy to think that life was going backwards – not moving ahead.  


Not so.  The truth is that we’re in a traumatic period in our history, where the world is moving so fast, that we’re being forced to change as a species.  Uncomfortable for sure.  But historically, it’s during these periods when we change the fastest – often propelling humanity’s journey forward exponentially.


War Changes Us


Wars bring about a period of acceleration.

As it comes upon us, there’s a growing realization that things will never go back to how they were. There’s an intuitive understanding that we’ll have to change.  That hurts, and we avoid it, because at a genetic level, we cling to the past.  It somehow represents security. 


Despite that, eventually, we’re forced to change whether we like it or not.  The necessity to change personally finally becomes so great, that there is no choice, but to venture forth into the new.   History has taught us that the world often evolves in this manner.


It’s often in these crisis moments in our history, that new capabilities come to light.  Sometimes they’re good, sometimes not, but very often they’re mixed.  But let’s keep focused on good that’s coming.  


The Duality of War


Think about the Second World War. 

  • It ushered in the nuclear age, which also created nuclear medicine, which powers much of modern medicine today.
  • The computer also arose during this period from the need to crack the Enigmas code.  

Aviation, while invented prior to WW1, became established because of war and our world thereafter changed because of it. 


You get the point.  Whether it is the war on this pandemic, the war on climate change, or the war in Ukraine, our world is forcing us to change for both the survival of our species and our way of life.


As ugly as that can be, mankind has a history of overcoming.  When we emerge on the other side of it, this time we’ll likely have:


Today, despite the perpetual drumbeat of negative news, there is more positive going on in the world than ever before.  Focus on that, not the news.


Mankind will survive our challenges today just as we have in the past.  Our new future lies ahead.


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