One of our commitments to our clients is keeping up with technology.


Doing so helps us gradually become more efficient while improving client service little by little. This approach has worked well for us in the past.


It’s part of our general philosophy. If we test new technology internally, we’re better able to understand its uses and ramifications.  Ultimately we provide more value for our clients. 


Over the last 6 months, we’ve taken on the challenge of learning a little about the Metaverse.   According to Wikipedia, it is partially a “virtual world focused on social connection.”


While it’s easy to write this off as newfangled technology for kids, the truth of the matter is that companies are piling Billions into the genre to change the landscape of how the world does business down the road. So if we want to be able to provide both our staff and our clients with the best solutions available, we really need to try it ourselves. 


Accordingly, over the past few months, we’ve been quietly working with Synthesia, arguably the top firm in the world when it comes to professional avatar creation. 


We started with some off-the-shelf avatars, some six months ago.  Today, we can create lifelike avatars and have graduated to having a life-like version of Mark.  We’re using it for training purposes internally right now.  It’s helping to improve the internal uptake rate of some of the dryer training materials – which we need to know, but would otherwise have spend hours reading.


Here’s a little example of how we used it internally on this month’s article on the taxation of corporate life insurance policies from our content partners at CLU commentary. 




By leveraging new technology, we’re able to increase the volume and speed of our overall learning. That ultimately means a better job for our clients. 


Testing this technology also gives us a better understanding of the whole category so we can figure out additional ways to help you. 


Over the coming months, we may experiment with producing some client-facing content as well. We look forward to your feedback as to what we could do to continue our improvement of service. 


Note:  While the day may eventually come where one day people actually transact with bots like this, we’re not planning anything of the sort. For now, we’re happy to add some new technology to our stack which helps us train more effectively and keeps us up to date with our incredibly fast-changing world.

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